Daiwa Asset Management Co. Ltd.

Daiwa Asset Management Co. Ltd.

Daiwa Asset Management Co. Ltd. has been operating since 1959, and is the second-largest asset management company in Japan based on assets under management of publicly offered investment trusts. Currently, we manage over 600 funds of various asset classes, and we have an exceptional track record in Asian equities including Japanese equities and global bond funds.
With our extensive experience in the asset management business and outstanding professional teams, we are confident of delivering the best solutions to meet the exacting needs of global investors.

Our in-house research team enables us to deliver competitive performance. In addition, we have a strong global research network with in-house analysts based in Tokyo, New York, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Mumbai. As a whole, we take advantage of Daiwa Securities Group’s comprehensive strength and networks in developing our research and analysis framework and system infrastructure as one of the largest securities group companies in Japan.

Our Investment Philosophy:
Our investment management philosophy is based on a mid-to-long-term perspective in which we try to identify hidden values which are not yet fully recognized in the market. Adopting a consistent investment management process and suitable risk control systems, we take a balanced approach emphasizing both fundamental and quantitative analysis.

1. Added-value with our in-house analysis
We seek higher added-value through our unique methodology of integrating the analysis of in-house fundamental analysts, economists and quantitative analysts. Our basic assumption is that the market is not fully efficient.

2. Organizational support from our top-tier research team
Our research team, which is recognized for its top tier research capabilities within the industry, supports our investment process. Fund managers and analysts exchange information and analysis which is gathered internally in Japan and abroad.

3. Coherent investment process
We maintain our coherent investment process through organizational support at each phase of our ‘Plan’, ‘Do’ and ‘Review’ policy.

4. Stable return from mid-to-long-term perspective
We pursue stable excess return from our mid-to-long-term perspective through suitable risk control.

5. Risk control and transparency
We employ a strict investment-risk control and full compliance programme. Separating the risk control function from investment management ensures that our risk control system can adequately monitor our investment process. By means of full disclosure we maintain thorough accountability.

Website: www.daiwa-am.co.jp
Address: 5th Floor, 5 King William Street, London, EC4N 7AX, UK
Tel: 44-20-7597-7050

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