KPMG Japan

KPMG Japan

KPMG Japan is committed to providing high-quality and value-added services to meet our clients’ complex management needs through the seamless collaboration and enhancement of our professionals’ expertise and knowledge as well as our global KPMG network.

KPMG AZSA LLC offers professional services, including audit, assurance, IFRS advisory, accounting advisory, financial advisory, IT advisory, and middle market development. In addition, we deliver expert services tailored to the sector-specific needs of the financial, information/telecommunication/media,retail,energy, manufacturing, and public sectors.

KPMG Tax Corporation’s strength is its ability to offer services for a broad range of clients’ tax needs. KPMG in Japan was established when KPMG opened a network office in 1954. Since then the tax practice has strived to continually provide our clients with consistent high quality service that combines among the best of our local skills, knowledge and experience with the resources of KPMG International’s global network.

KPMG FAS helps our clients develop and execute management strategies and transformational initiatives such as M&A and business restructuring, while managing potential corporate fraud risks and implementing practical global governance structures.

We excel in supporting clients successfully deliver these critical initiatives that shape their businesses over the long term, helping them achieve sustainable growth.

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