Dejima Asset Management LLP

Dejima Asset Management LLP

Dejima Asset Management LLP (DAM) was founded in February 2016 to house the fund managers of the Japan Synthetic Warrant Fund (JSW), who moved in early 2017. DAM is an appointed representative of Quaero Capital LLP (Quaero) which is authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and as a result possesses authorisation to provide certain investment services to professional clients and eligible counterparties only, we are therefore not permitted to provide investment services to private clients. The JSW Fund is managed and advised by Quaero and DAM, respectively.

The Japan Synthetic Warrant Fund (JSW) was launched in October 2005 and is a synthetic warrant fund investing in Japan. The objective of the Fund is to seek geared exposure to the Japanese equity market. This is accomplished through the purchase of asset swapped convertible bonds (CB) in companies that are quoted on the Japanese Stock Exchanges.

Unique concept and strategy without the costs associated with setting up covered warrants
The asset swap of a CB creates an option to repurchase the CB at an agreed level. The structure of the asset swapped options are made up of two components, a synthetic long call on the equity gained through exposure to a convertible bond and a synthetic short of the Japanese Bond market as the Fund sells the fixed income value of the convertible bond under a floating rate repurchase agreement at a fixed LIBOR spread.

Address: Dejima Asset Management LLP,
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